Kiruna and Ice hotel

I visited Kiruna and Ice hotel in January 2021.


Zayera Khan

1/31/20211 min read

I visited northern Sweden in January 2021. Kiruna church is a famous landmark with the traditional wooden architecture and red coloring. We visited the reindeers park in Jukkasjärvi and handfed the reindeers.

We experienced dog sledging with husky dogs in the cold magical landscape. Even though I was dressed in overall, proper winter boots and gloves I still felt the cold in my toes, feet and fingers. The temperatures were -20 degrees celsius and more.

We also visited the Ice Hotel and enjoyed the ice sculptures. However I did not want to sleep in an ice room, so we skipped that part. The ice sculptures are from the ICE HOTEL exhibition winter season december 2020 onwards.

Overall it was a wonderful visit and we went by night train from Stockholm to Kiruna and back.